Choosing a Name

First of all you need a name for your new site. Your domain name is the same as “”. It’s also known as your URL or Website Address. For example, is my site’s domain name or my web address.

Visitors will only remember your domain name for a future visit if it is easy to remember. Which of these two domain names are you more likely remember?

It would probably the first one. The shorter the name the better. Visitors will see the domain name, remember it, and hopefully visit again in the future if the domain name is simple and to the point.

Wherever possible your domain name should be directly related to you. For example, if you own a property on a particular estate like Sunset Lakes then a good name to have would be or if you have named your property “Disney Villa” then you could go for something like alternatively go for something a bit quirky like the main thing is to keep it short. You know yourself; there is nothing worse than typing in a long web address. You may also wish to consider searching for and buying both the .com and names as without both you could be pushing potential guests to someone else’s website.

Remember! Many visitors arrive at a website by simply typing in the domain name instead of arriving through search engines results or other links. It’s worth spending the time to get your web address name right.

Although many of the most popular names will already be taken, it would be wise to search for the most generic name possible. The above tips will help you choose a domain name that will help increase your repeat visitor rate. A simple, easy-to-remember domain name is a great start to reaching your goal!