Website Design

We realise that most of our potential clients need guidance through the complexity of the web design and creation process. The vast majority of them are not IT experts so they want to be told in plain language what they need to do to to create the websites they need for their businesses.

We aim to be helpful, very patient and to take the time to provide full assistance throughout the process of understanding your requirements. We offer help and guidance with all aspects of the process from the initial enquiry until site launch.

When people are looking for a rental property on the Internet you only have a short time to catch their interest, they want to find information about it, fast! They won’t stop and admire the website designer’s work. This is only a means of presenting your property to them. If you use the Internet yourself you will know what I mean. So don’t think too fancy, it may be counter productive.

Keep things simple, too much Flash and Animation, for example, is not only a distraction that can annoy people but can increase the page load time. Potential customers could not only lose track of the real content of your site but get board of waiting for the page to load and to click away to those of your rivals. This not an opinion, it is fact. Recent surveys have found that the majority of people who are seeking goods or services on the Internet consider flash intros to be irritating.